Love, Loss, and Forgiveness

Jackie Bouchhard

Jackie Bouchhard

After suffering two losses (husband and beloved pet), within a week of one another, Jane Bailey realizes she needs to make some life altering decisions. Though experts and family caution against making major decisions within the first year of grief, Jane determines she must do just that, as her current life is stifling, making her miserable. Added to the feelings of loss and confusion, is guilt, as Jane wrestles with mixed emotions about her late husband. Their marriage was failing, yet she had not come to terms with her feelings before her husband become terminally ill.

As Jane reconciles what she needs to do, she slowly begins to heal. Along the way, she reconnects to family and friends, makes a few new friends, and adopts a new dog. She had no intention of acquiring another pet, and certainly not so soon, but this dog finds her way into Jane’s life and heart without much fanfare. Jane quickly learns that she can open her heart again too, that pain and guilt are not emotions one has to carry for a lifetime. One funny element throughout the book is Jane’s stance on people…she really does not Ike meeting new people or even socializing with some she knows. Her interactions with others when she is frustrated are quite humorous.

Aptly titled, Rescue Me, Maybe is a story of redemption and rediscovery. Jane puts her life back together, learns more about herself, and begins to carve out a new future. The ending does not wrap up everything in a tight bow, leaving the possibility of a sequel, though it is not a cliffhanger.


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