The Witches of Cambridge

witches of cambridgeFor those who like stories with magic, suspended reality, and unspoken wishes, The Witches of Cambridge by Menna van Praag will satisfy their reading desires. I liked the different situations each character faced, as well as how each resolved their problems. They use magic in subtle ways to influence the lives of those around them. I cared about the women featured in the story too-Noa, Cosima, Kat, Heloise and Amandine, and was unhappy when something unfortunate occurred to any of them. I also liked when the women offer to help one another to reach a goal-especially when they banded together to achieve the best result. One of the women makes a very poor decision in trusting someone and when it goes horribly wrong, the others are there to make it right. And though not all the character’s circumstances end the way the reader might want, they do all make sense for the overall plot.
The only aspect that was at times difficult, was when the author occasionally used French without always giving a translation, when Heloise was speaking to her deceased husband, Francois. I have some basic knowledge of French and understood the tone, but it was not always obvious. Otherwise, the story flowed and I think a sequel would be great, so readers can see how their lives continued in the wake of their decisions.

I had the chance to review this book for Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I like the author and have read some of her other books. Definitely someone worth reading, especially if you like stories with unexpected, magical elements.



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