Reading is my most favorite activity. As a child, I hoped to become an author, and as that occupation has eluded me, writing about books is the next best thing. As an adult, in addition to devouring about one book a week (more if time allows), I enjoy reading about reading, listening to books, talking to others about what they recently read and sharing my ideas and opinions. So a blog seemed to be the logical next step. Browse these ideas when looking for something new to read, search by category or tag, and send me your ideas too.

You can reach me at besettje@gmail.com. Happy reading.


2 responses to “About

  1. Sharron G. Thompson

    Beth, I am glad that you have made this site. I look forward to following your posts. I have been reading Liliana Hart on the ipad. She has a series about J.J. Graves Mysteries that I enjoyed. In fantasy, I have read Brandon Sanderson series the Infinity Blade on the ipad. I am currently looking for a book to read on the ipad for my flight. Aunty Sha


    • Hi! You are my first official comment through the site, so cool. I will have a post highlighting friends and family recommend, and I will be sure to include these. What is your mood for your flight?


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