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Ask a Manager


I work in an office that teaches students about professionalism in the work place, as well as other career related topics. We have a range of staff from leadership to student employee, with about eight people supervising the full-time staff, to another six to eight who supervise graduate and undergraduate students. With so many supervisors and staffs, there are often conversations about managerial style and employee work and productivity.

Ask a Manager is direct and offers simple advice for a multitude of scenarios, from both the employer and employee perspectives. Some of the situations are extreme and others are common, almost mundane. Having both types demonstrates the idiosyncrasies within all industries and recognizes different personalities. Though ideal for someone new to the field, it is a good refresher for those who have worked for a while too. Definitely recommend and perhaps a good choice for someone who recently became a supervisor or manager.

(I received a free copy of this book from Amazon and have provided an objective review)



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The Power of Moments


The Power of Moments, authored by brothers Chip and Dan Heath, outlines ways we can introduce defining moments in our lives. Whether at work or home, with individuals or groups, kids or adults, the ideas introduced in the book can be adapted and applied. Broken into four sections: Elevation, Insight, Pride, and Connections, the authors define their terms, give examples of when these work, and steps to implement them in our own lives.

As I read the book I kept imagining what I could do with co-workers, clients, and family members. How could I establish a tradition or create a memory so impactful, it would resonate for years? Some of the ideas are fairly simple and cost effective; others are more elaborate and could be cost prohibitive. Yet, I still felt like the advice is manageable and relevant for a wide array of people. After finishing the book, I discovered a link to a website for additional ideas, a newsletter, and once I signed up for the newsletter, an email address for the authors. I sent a note with a question and to my delight, Chip responded within hours. It is always appreciated when an author answers an email, and even more so, in such a short period of time. I look forward to trying out his personal suggestions based on a situation I described. Lastly, I am a fan of the Freakanomics series, as well as books by Malcolm Gladwell, like the Tipping Point, which resonate with me in similar ways. Based on other reviewer’s comments, it looks like I will now be reading other books by the Heaths. I already bought another one and look forward to using the information in that one too.

( I was provided a copy of the book by Net Galley in order to write an objective review.)

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