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New Mystery Series

Just discovered this series. If you like reading about strong female lead characters who have a habit of unintentionally finding dead bodies, then try to solve the crime, this is your series. It is sort of a mix of Stephanie Plum and Hannah Swensen, to name two other similar female leads (authors Evanovich and Fluke, respectively).

I liked the pace, the who unknown, the side cast, and the twists. Book one is out now, book two will be released in early June 2016.  I liked Swimsuit Body more, but Bones and Roses is good too. I also recommend reading in order, so the side stories make sense and don’t ruin a previous book.





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Suspense, Mystery or Thriller: You Decide

Here are some authors and titles I have read that have at times, made it hard to sleep with the lights off.


Lisa Gardner, DD Warren series. Begins with Alone, though the first one I read was The Neighbor. Some plots are quite intense; I have both read and listened to the series and truly enjoy both methods of getting the story.

Kate White, the Bailey Weggins series. Begins with If Looks Could Kill. White is a former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and has a good way with words. I liked the earlier books in the series better, but I will continue to read them, as I enjoy reading about Bailey’s character development.

Invisible City (Rebekah Roberts Novels) by Julia Dahl. Impressive debut.

Stand Alone:

Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown are both known for romance books. Yet each writes excellent stand alone novels too, that have good mysteries, red herrings, and that unexpected character who turns out to be good or evil, but never what the reader anticipated.


The Preservationist by Justin Kramon. Quite creepy. Will make parents think twice about who their daughter dates.

Someone Is Watching by Joy Fielding. Just not sure who to trust; the book has a lot of curveballs and all is not revealed till the very end.

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